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Shirlee L. Bliss

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An Experienced and Insightful Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you are struggling with mounting debt and feel that there's no solution, then that's the time to call the Law Office of Shirlee Bliss. She is a bankruptcy lawyer with years of experience helping clients get a handle on their financial difficulties as quickly and simply as possible. She takes an approach that is careful and methodical to help you sort out your filing options and get the process moving so you can avoid foreclosure and find a way through this trying time.

Putting Family First

In addition to her skills in helping clients who are going through bankruptcy, attorney Bliss also has a great deal of experience in many other areas of law. She is a compassionate family law attorney who champions the rights of her client respectfully. Not only does she provide support for family law clients, but she also handles probate cases for wills and trusts.

Her skill set also extends to criminal law as well, so if you need a stalwart and effective attorney in one of these areas, contact the Law Office of Shirlee Bliss today. She provides free consultations as well as evening and weekend appointments.

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