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FAQs about Shirlee's Legal Services

Get the answers you need to your legal questions by contacting Shirlee L. Bliss. Shirlee answers any and all questions you may have on bankruptcy law. Contact her today at 1(800) 834-3328 to begin the process of keeping your home or business.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will she review documents prepared by clients?
Yes. She charges an hourly rate. 

Why did she decide to be a lawyer?
She decided to be a lawyer because it's a service industry, and this is how she could best serve others. It was a good fit for her.

What work experience and education help her be a better lawyer?
Being a single parent for many years helps her be a better attorney because she understands how families struggle in a financial crunch.

Why did she decide on her primary area of practice?
She enjoys working with families, and this was an outgrowth of her divorce practice. It's another way to help people make it through a hard time.

What does she enjoy most about her career?
She loves being in practice for herself. Shirlee can decide the perimeters of her practice. She also really enjoys working with people and knowing that she's contributed to bettering their situation.

What are her strengths and styles?
She strongly advocates for the position of her clients. If there is a way to find a solution, she will do it. She's very committed to her clients.

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Fixed-Price Services & Fees
Bankruptcies are usually a fixed price unless there is additional work outside the norm—the norm being contacting creditors, attending 341A hearings, and preparing the initial filing. The fixed price varies according to the complexities of the case.

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