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Shirlee loves Burbank, because it's a very large town with a "small town" feel because of its cohesive community. She also loves bankruptcy law as much as Burbank, and has handled more than 250 cases including those where people have saved their businesses and homes. She can also help you with your credit card debt problems. Shirlee's CM/ECF-certified and currently continuing her education by taking bar classes (CEB), so contact her today at 1(800) 834-3328 or (818) 842-0997.

B.A. from San Jose State University
Graduated with Honors in 1973
Majored in Social Science
Minored in Life Science

J.D. from People's College of Law in Los Angeles
Graduated in 1979

California Bar in December 1981 (#101585)
Admitted to the State & Federal Bar
Admitted to the 9th District Court

Personal Interests
She has a 16-year-old daughter who is an Honor's student that's she's extremely proud of. Shirlee loves spending time with her and her new husband, who is very active in land speed racing. She's done it once herself and thought it was exhilarating!

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